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Goal setting has just gotten easier!

You know how challenging it can be to get that money-making idea of yours out your head and on paper. 


Life always seems to get in the way. And doesn’t it seem that it’s easier for you to help others give life to their ideas and dreams, but when it comes to you, you draw a blank?

Well, not anymore!


I specifically designed The Idea LaunchPad after years of the feeling stuck just like you. Now with this easy to follow goal planning system – you can go from wanting to do something great to doing something great.


Get your ideas out of your head and on paper; in a systematic manner. The Ideation process is necessary to formalize your ideas for implementation and execution. This is why I created The Idea LaunchPad. The Idea LaunchPad is a 4-Step system to get your ideas out of your head, on paper, and ready to Launch.  Your Idea LaunchPad gives you enough space to process up to 12 ideas.


The Idea LaunchPad Bundle includes:

  • The Idea LaunchPad
  • A Training Video explaining how to use The Idea LaunchPad
  • An Idea Launch Plan Template

The Idea LaunchPad

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