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You feel like all you do is administrative tasks and service your clients. You didn’t start your business to be a secretary on steroids nor did you know it would take as much time to get a clients onboarded. You are ready to stop pushing papers around and truly work on expanding your business while servicing your clients.


Business is growing and you are happy about it! You are literally telling people “I’m Booked & Busy” and “I’m at capacity this month”. You look at your calendar and it’s booked out for months. Then it hits you, I’m missing out on Thousands of Dollars because I can’t work with these clients that definitely want to work with me. I have a bigger problem; how do I still work with these clients in some capacity without turning them away (or sending them directly to the competition)?

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You are a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and a person that needs rest. You soon realize that you can’t be ON all the time and you need time to rest and turn your brain off. Then there are seasons when the family needs you more and you can’t be as present in your business. How do you juggle it all because you noticed that when you are not working IN your business; you are NOT MAKING any money? You need to change this very quickly.

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I guarantee you that every service-based business has experienced these very same situations. Let me help you create an additional stream of income with digital products. You are already an expert at what you do (remember you are booked & busy). I will work with you to package your knowledge and skill set so that you can stop working IN your business and start Working ON your business.



#1 Clarity & Purpose

During our first session, we seek to gain an overview of your current business model while identifying your gaps. With this information, we are able to map out your product plan to fill the gaps in your business and increase client retention. Your digital product mix has the sole purpose to reinforce your business model while increasing your revenue over time by working less.



#2 Content & Confidence

The content for your digital product must be high quality and transformative. You are taking clients on a journey from Point A to Point B to get the results they are seeking. Your job is to transform their life and/or business in a shorter period of time with your content. My job is to make sure that you are confident in your content and that it delivers a true transformation.



#3 Coins & Consistency

The goal is not to make it hard for people to do business with you. We perform an audit of your current systems to create the right tech solutions for you. All of your systems need to be able to talk to each other and create an easy customer experience. We remove the tech overwhelm so that you can collect your coins fast and easily.

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Create an additional stream of income by packaging what you already do for your clients every day. You will no longer have to turn clients away without anything to offer them.


  • Turn your Coaching Program into an online course

  • Turn your Book into a webinar

  • Turn your Consultations into a workbook

  • Turn your eBook into a podcast episode

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Hello, I'm Christy

I’m going to be honest, I used to be just like you! I felt like I was chained to my business because when I wasn’t showing up, I was not making any money. Then I got smart and found the solution - add digital products to my business model. This was the best thing I could have done. I was no longer chained to my computer. Now I’m able to spend time doing more of the things I love without being worried about missing out on any money.

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