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From Homeschool to Business School

I’m coming with a NEW SPIN this morning! If you were one of the 100K people that attended the #ClubQuarantine yesterday on Instagram, then you are still on a high this morning as you showed up for virtual church. Today I want to jump right in and break down the lessons I learned from DJ D-Nice breaking the internet.

Marketing Lessons

  • Be Disruptive and Different – DJ D-Nice switched up the regular program by hosting a virtual dance party from his living room via Instagram. What made his set different is how he set out to break his own records in attendance and length of his set. (I would not be surprised if he goes down in the Guinness Book of Records for this one)

  • Be Consistent – Saturday night was not the first #ClubQuarantine. He actually started on Wednesday by posting a simple branded eflyer on his IG page with the caption; “Tell your friends.”

  • Be Catchy – Headlines sell a story! D-Nice instantly sold us with the popularized act of Homeschooling, followed up with creating his own hashtag #ClubQuarantine. Instantly homeschooling parents knew they could get relief from their kids to have some much needed grown folks time. His marketing message was very clear.

Branding Lessons

  • Stay on Brand – DJ D-Nice posted a simple eflyer, but it was on brand. His brand seems to be that of a black and white motif with high-quality photos. Simple in design but mature and luxurious in standards. You didn’t expect anything resembling a bargain basement from the NYC based DJ.

  • Stay Excited – D-Nice brought the energy last night all by himself. He kept the same energy when there were only 30K viewers or 100K viewers. The DJ actually got more hyped as celebrities and legends tuned in to party with him. To see people that he admired join his LIVE party was an energizing feeling.

  • Keep it Simple – How did D-Nice show up? He showed up as usual in his clean and crisp white T-shirt and one of 6 hat changes. He stuck to his own script of a white T and accessories with a drink in his hand. You can’t tell me that he was not in his element just like he was in a real night club.

Business Lessons

  • Create a Community – D-Nice gained me as a follower last night after I woke up to a group text with 97 notifications. I just knew the world was on fire and not merely attending a virtual dance party. People that are able to build a community will be successful and last longer than others. As celebs and music legends entered the LIVe D-Nice gave them a major shout-out and talked with them while they were on. He brought them into his set.

  • Use What You Got – I’m pretty sure D-Nice is used to playing a full set on any given Saturday night. Why not use what you already do but deliver it differently. He did precisely this. Same method with a different delivery.

  • Be Innovative – I’m sure if you would have surveyed a few hundred people about hosting a virtual dance party, you would not have gotten the results D-Nice experienced last night. He was creative enough to know that this would work. He used the right Brand Message and Marketing to innovate during a perilous time.

  • Don’t Worry About Money – D-Nice showed us that FREE doesn’t mean lesser quality. He saw a need and offered his gift as a solution. He wasn’t worried about charging for his services; he was more worried about spreading positive vibes to the world. Now I do believe that after this is over, D-Nice will have numerous offers and requests.

This is what I learned, what can you do in your personal life and business to pull off what D-Nice just accomplished?

If you need help figuring it out? I’m here for you! Simply respond to this email with your questions to

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